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Five highlights to achieve aluminum blockbuster

With the warm convening of the two sessions in the country, the value-added tax rate of the manufacturing industry and other industries has declined; the implementation of preferential policies for new energy vehicle purchases; the completion of railway investment of 800 billion yuan, highway transportation investment of 1.8 trillion yuan, and other reform initiatives for the aluminum industry. It is of great significance to further promote the application and structural reform of the aluminum industry in order to expand the application and consumption of aluminum.
As a whole industry chain display platform for the aluminum industry, the China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition in 2018 attracted 600 well-known exhibitors from 75 countries and regions around the world, as well as 24,789 professional visitors and buyers to visit and purchase.
In 2019, China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition celebrates its 15th anniversary. The organizers will invite more aluminum industry experts and enterprises from various countries and regions to sum up the past and witness the present and the future. According to reports, based on the success of the past 14 sessions, this aluminum exhibition will focus on raw materials, semi-finished products, applied finished products and related mechanical equipment and solutions, while carrying out five highlights activities, injecting new momentum into the exhibition.
Highlight 1: Open the "Aluminum" time machine to regain the memory of the aluminum industry
Since the beginning of the new century, while the electrolytic aluminum output has been ranked first in the world, the Chinese aluminum industry has been driven by the ever-changing external forces of the market and the growing internal power, and the deep processing capability has been continuously improved. With the continuous application and continuous improvement of product supply structure, the proportion of terminal products, high-end products and brand products is rising. In the process, China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition came into being in 2005. In the course of 14 years of development, as an influential aluminum industry chain professional display, exchange, trading platform, aluminum exhibition not only gathered the world's well-known aluminum enterprises, but also attracted a number of highly motivated emerging aluminum companies. Participating in the exhibition, through the display of new materials, new technologies and new applications of the aluminum industry, sharing new ideas, and jointly shouldering the mission of insight into the era of change, grasping market opportunities and leading the development of the industry.
In order to regain the memory of the aluminum industry in the past and build the spirit and culture of the aluminum industry in the new era, the organizer specially opened the theme photo collection campaign of “'Aluminum' Time Machine”: taking the “aluminum” element as the core and the aluminum industry as the main event. The timeline collects the wonderful moments between the aluminum workers and the “aluminum”, tunnels through time and space, opens the gates of memory, records the development and changes of the aluminum industry and the aluminum industry exhibition in an all-round and multi-angle, and reviews the aluminum industry together. In the years, let the "aluminum" culture and the spirit of the aluminum industry always run through the development of the industry.
Highlight 2: Aluminum deep processing area, strong focus on subdivision
In order to further strengthen the display of aluminum segmentation, this year's aluminum exhibition will also launch a special exhibition area for aluminum deep processing products, and display and promote targeted exhibitions.
The show area focuses on automotive, packaging, home and consumer electronics, especially white goods, and other areas of aluminum deep processing. The leaders of domestic and foreign industry associations, experts and industry colleagues will be invited to participate in the exhibition to enhance global visibility and open up new development opportunities.
Highlight 3: Focus on white appliances and guide new aluminum consumption
Aluminum is used as a light metal and has excellent plasticity. Based on this feature, aluminum for white goods has become a growth point for expanding aluminum applications and consumption in recent years due to its environmentally friendly green color and strong plasticity.
The organizers of the aluminum exhibition followed the new trend of aluminum for consumption, held related exhibitions and forums for aluminum for consumer electronics in the past exhibitions, and released the “White Paper on Aluminum for Consumer Electronics”, which guided the development of aluminum in the consumer field. . At this year's show, the organizers will also increase the display ratio and research content of aluminum for white goods, and guide aluminum applications to more consumer areas, so that aluminum is closer to daily life.
Highlight 4: Promote the "artisan spirit" and set up the Automobile Engineers Club
In recent years, with the light weight of automobiles and the rapid development of new energy vehicles, aluminum for automobiles has continued to expand. In order to better focus on aluminum for automobiles, and vigorously promote the "artisan spirit" of the automobile industry, the organizer newly built the Automobile Engineers Club. A professional communication platform for automotive technical personnel is set up to organize domestic automotive industry engineers to communicate and exchange with each other, to better serve aluminum buyers in automobiles, and jointly promote the progress of the automotive industry.
Highlight 5: On-line ALU business meeting reservation system, breaking the time and space restrictions
As an aluminum industry brand exhibition, China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition not only highlights the platform attributes of display and exchange, but also is an excellent business negotiation and trading platform. Creating value for each participant is the long-held operational and service philosophy of the organizer.
In order to build a better communication and trading bridge between the exhibitors and professional buyers at the exhibition, the organizer launched the “ALU Business Meeting Appointment System”. The system breaks the time and space constraints and provides online value-added services for professional buyers. After downloading and logging in to the system, buyers will be able to quickly browse and learn more about exhibitor companies and product information, and send out to potential partners who are interested in them. Inviting face-to-face communication and negotiation at the exhibition site and making appointments can effectively enhance the efficiency of exhibiting and purchasing, and create value for both parties.
In addition, the Asian Automotive Lightweight Exhibition will also be held concurrently, demonstrating the application of various advanced lightweight materials in automotive complete vehicles and parts, as well as the development status and trends of cutting-edge processing technology.
Based on the historical opportunity period of the transformation and upgrading of China's aluminum industry, standing at the new starting point of the 15th anniversary, the 2019 China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition has comprehensively innovated from form to content, and dedicated a unique and unique event to the aluminum industry office. Witness and record the development trend of the aluminum industry.
New starting points, new changes, new opportunities, worth looking forward to, don't miss it!

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