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Tenneco supplies suspension components for the Jaguar I-PACE crossover

According to foreign media reports, Tenneco Inc. is providing suspension components for the new Jaguar I-PACE (parameter | inquiry) pure electric luxury crossover SUV models. The model will be equipped with Tenneco's passive front and rear dampers as well as coil and air spring suspension modules designed to improve the drivability and stability of the car.
Tenneco is a leading global supplier of automotive driving performance and clean air products and systems. “Our innovative suspension modules, such as those on the new Jaguar I-PACE, are designed to meet the driving and handling goals of each vehicle as well as specific packaging requirements,” said Neville Rudd, senior vice president of global driving control at Tenneco. “The design and materials used in these suspension modules provide important advantages for all-electric vehicles, such as lightweight, under-body space savings and simplified vehicle integration.”
According to the company, lowering the weight of the entire vehicle is critical to the efficient operation of the electric power system, and the electric power system may be heavier than conventional internal combustion engine power systems. Tenneco's suspension modules include plastic spring seats, aluminum top mounts and other lightweight components that help offset the weight of the motor and battery and improve vehicle performance.

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