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Is a distant relative or a neighbor? Skoda KAMIQ chassis analysis

Seeing the name KAMIQ, I believe that the Chinese mass powder will not be unfamiliar. That's right, the name appears in the tail of Komick of SAIC Skoda, and it exists as its English name. At the time of SAIC Skoda Komik, everyone was wondering whether the car would be sold back to Europe. At the Geneva Motor Show, we finally saw the European version of KAMIQ, a new car born on the MQB platform. Said that in addition to the English name, and domestic Kemick has nothing to do. So what is the structure of its chassis?
When SAIC Skoda Kmick first appeared in front of us, everyone realized that Skoda brought a new model to the Chinese market to capture more consumers with lower budgets. But at the Geneva Motor Show, Skoda brought a KAMIQ to the European market. What are the sources of these two cars?
The change in design concept brings about a significant difference between the appearance of the two cars and the interior design. Will the changes on the platform cause the two cars to change from the chassis structure? Let's take a look at it.
Since it was born on the MQB platform, KAMIQ uses the McPherson suspension structure with simple structure, small footprint and low cost in the same way as other models on the same platform. For small SUVs, this level For the model, there is no possibility of using a more advanced front suspension structure, after all, space is not its advantage.
The lower control arm is made of a single-layer stamped steel plate, and a lower-sized lower guard plate is installed on the lower side, which is relatively rare on the front suspension. The replaceable ball head design can be replaced separately after the ball head is damaged. This is a cost-saving solution that avoids unnecessary maintenance costs associated with the replacement of the entire lower control arm.
Unlike the overseas models, the Kekok of SAIC Skoda uses a double-layer steel plate to weld the lower control arm, which has a lightweight design with a hollowing treatment, and there is no under-guard.
Born on the MQB platform, it means more possibilities, torsion beam non-independent suspension or multi-link suspension, front wheel drive or four-wheel drive, these forms can be realized on the MQB platform, then hover in KAMIQ On the shelf, will it surprise us?
to sum up:
Although the same English name is adopted, the European version of KAMIQ and the Chinese version of SAIC Skoda Komik can only be regarded as distant relatives, regardless of the exterior design or chassis suspension. However, from the logic of the platform update, we can't rule out that this KAMIQ will become the replacement model of the domestic SAIC Skoda Kmick in the future. Do you expect this delicate car to arrive?

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