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Hella debuted at the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show: Focusing on the four major trends, Zhichuang will travel in the future

On April 17, the world's leading auto parts supplier, Hella, participated in the 2019 Shanghai International Automobile Industry Expo with innovative automotive electronics and lighting products and solutions. The 2019 Shanghai Auto Show, which is the theme of “Creating a Better Life Together”, Hella’s “Zhi Chuang Future” exhibition conveys to OEMs and consumers: We use 100 years of industry wisdom and craftsmanship to create customized technology that meets customer needs. Together with industry partners to help the future smart, green travel, and achieve a vision of a better life.
The auto show will feature both independently developed products and technologies, as well as products and technologies jointly developed by partners such as AEye, G&D, and Breezometer.
Energy saving and electrification: a total of green travel
Hella has been developing products dedicated to advanced low-emission transmission systems to promote the development of energy-saving and new-energy vehicles. Hella's new energy-related products are suitable for micro-hybrid, light-duty, full-hybrid and pure electric vehicles. Micro-hybrid is the first step towards green travel. Hella's battery sensor solutions based on years of battery sensor development and production experience can be applied to start-stop functions to reduce vehicle carbon dioxide emissions. Based on 48V technology, it provides power electronics for light hybrids. For example, 48V battery pack integrates 48V lithium battery, battery management system and DC/DC converter into one product to improve the overall performance of automotive power system. In addition to the dual-voltage battery management system, the traditional lead-acid battery space is used to integrate various traditional 48V light-mix products to realize the application of lithium batteries in 12V or 48V electrical systems. On all-hybrid and pure electric vehicles, HELLA offers an integrated, electrically isolated shunt-type high-voltage current sensor. At the same time, HELLA Battery Management System (BMS) can accurately collect voltage and current signals synchronously, support real-time evaluation of battery operating status, ensure power safe and efficient input and output, and active insulation detection technology provides reliable guarantee for high-voltage use safety.
In the field of headlights, Hella strives to reduce the energy consumption of lamps while breaking through the lighting technology. Increasing the market assembly rate of LEDs and continuous innovation in lens modules is not only a way to achieve high-performance technology, but also a way to seek energy conservation.
Interconnection and digitalization: collaborative development, integration of people, cars, the world
People, cars, and the external environment are all getting closer together in digital links. Digitization makes the vehicle no longer an independent transport carrier, giving the vehicle a fresh vitality that makes travel easier, more efficient and more comfortable. Hella's vehicle entry/start system has entered a new phase with the development of interconnection. Hella's next-generation vehicle entry system, HELLA Smart Access, leverages Hella's technology accumulation in vehicle entry systems and innovations in new technologies to provide customers with a multi-technology solution that integrates customizable vehicle entry system solutions, including Bluetooth-targeted vehicles enter the system Smart BTLE Access, Smart Biometric Access based on biometrics (face, palm print), smart UWB access based on UWB positioning technology to provide a high security level relay attack solution. There is also a personalized solution based on NFC and wearable Bluetooth devices. By liberating the hands that need to be carried, the HELLA Smart Access provides a complete security solution for increased security.
One of our concerns is the use of highly digital technology to improve rider comfort. For example, HELLA has developed a sensor that can monitor the PM2.5 concentration inside and outside the vehicle in real time. Cloud-based air quality data complements our data and creates a robust, connected air quality management system.
The development of digitalization has contributed to the development of automotive intelligent lighting. Hella develops digital automotive lighting based on its own sensors and the advantages of lighting. The digital lighting enables the headlights to automatically recognize other road users, and intelligently adjusts the lighting intensity to achieve intelligent lighting and enhance road safety.
Advocate safety for safety
Hella offers proven driver-assisted functional products such as 24GHz and 77GHz radar products, camera software, vibration sensors (SHAKE) and lidar (LiDAR) for autonomous driving.
Radar products can monitor the surrounding environment of vehicles, identify pedestrians, and other road users and objects around the vehicle, and provide reliable feedback regardless of weather and lighting conditions. The 24GHz radar sensor system implements a number of driving assistance functions: blind spot monitoring, lane change assist, rear side traffic travel warning, and door assist warning. The 77 GHz compact radar product provides a new way of embedding the sensor, for example on the side of the vehicle. This enables 360-degree environmental awareness and the ability to detect cars, bicycles and pedestrians.
The camera software system can realize automatic driving assistance functions such as lane line detection, light source identification, traffic sign recognition, pedestrian detection and vehicle detection, and assist in the development of various stages of automatic driving.
The current vehicle safety driving assistance can be further improved by a vibration sensor (SHAKE). The HELLA vibration sensor not only allows the vehicle to “see” the surrounding environment (in combination with the camera system, radar system), but also “feel” the outside world. To this end, the sensor detects the sound and vibration of the entire object through the pressure sensitive element. In this way, the sensor can perform functions such as intelligent damage detection, intelligent collision detection, intelligent touch detection, preventive maintenance, and road condition feedback. The traffic feedback function has been mass produced. It improves the safety of vehicles on wet roads.
Combined with artificial intelligence and deep learning, the latest results of Lidar (LiDAR) are also revealed at the booth, providing a safer and more reliable solution for the arrival of autonomous driving, to meet safe and comfortable future travel.
Gain insight into individual needs and enhance driving experience
The development of individualized trends is unstoppable, and drivers have placed higher demands on the comfort of car lighting. Automotive lighting is not only a functional product that guarantees road safety, but also an important modeling element that highlights individuality. Automotive lighting and electronics specialist Hella proposes a new lighting concept that combines intelligence, safety and comfort for automotive lighting. Among them, Hella's personalized interior lighting, LED interactive body lighting brings a different personalized experience for drivers and passengers. For example, a multi-lens array (MLA) is integrated into the door sill to create a long light projection that can be used for carpet lighting to illuminate the side areas of the vehicle.
During the auto show, you can experience the future travel by assembling a variety of advanced products from Hella. The on-site interior lighting VR equipment allows you to experience different lighting scenes in the cockpit.

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